E-Waste, Batteries & Lighting Recycling Services

If you’ve got lighting, batteries, or e-waste that needs recycling, let Alico Waste Experts be the perfect solution for you.

We can arrange easy, convenient collection solutions tailored to meet your unique needs, and meet environmental targets. We have a recycling facility for recycling your waste situated in Karachi.

AWE accepts batteries of almost any shape, size, or chemical composition for recycling. Batteries should be sorted by chemistry and packaged in a sealed container in a manner that prevents short-circuiting and damage to the battery or terminals.


The first and foremost important solution to the e-waste crisis is to eliminate hazardous chemicals from the equipment and save the public and workers from the emissions resulting from recycling e-waste. Awareness must be raised for waste management protocols. The workers involved in waste processing activities at our facility are properly trained and educated with occupational health and safety.

We make recycling simple as we provide a full lighting, batteries & e-waste recycling service from safe handling, pick-up, transportation to storage, recycling & provision of recycling certificates.

Sustainable Development

The first step toward sustainable waste management is creating less trash in the first place.

The environmental impact of e-waste is significant. Businesses can save money and build sustainability practices by responsibly managing them. Minimizing unnecessary purchases, donating items, and partnering with a reputable recycling company are just a few ways companies can handle e-waste disposal.

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