Is Covid-19 worsening the environmental waste problem?

Lockdowns, ban on travelling, and a decline in industrial manufacturing due to the COVID-19 outbreak have majorly declined the level of air pollution across the world. A year ago, it almost seemed impossible to have clean skies, with almost no air pollution or smoke in the atmosphere.

This is by no means an isolated incident but can be seen on every other street of the whole community. They can be contaminated and can spread the virus with any surface they come in contact with. Due to which the risk of spreading Covid is at large.

Hidden between this, we can see social media with images of littered ground with different plastic items that includes the gloves, masks, empty sanitizer bottles and other protection gears. As soon as people are done with these, instead of properly disposing them, they are abandoned on sidewalks or outside grocery stores.

Alico Waste Experts is working towards developing and promoting an effective and sustainable waste management framework across the province. Dealing with various industries and not just limiting to Pharma or Garment Manufacturers, we have a line of clientele for their waste management and disposal that includes recycling, incineration and landfill accordingly.

In their interaction with all the waste, everyone must show a much more responsible attitude and opt for a proper disposal or recycling of their waste at a time when carelessness or deception can cost lives.

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