How we take responsibility for the environment

Alico Waste Experts aim to mitigate any public health and safety risks by acting as a resource for our community’s best waste management practices with an essential workforce for critical infrastructure.

At AWE, we are actively enabling preventive measures during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our employees and community safe and secure; we engage and take care of the environment on many levels.

Increasing awareness about the environment

Each employee is stimulated to be aware of the environmental aspects of their duties. Tasks performed at our customer site comply with the requirement of relevant Workplace Health and Safety legislation.

Risk Handling by the Technical Expertise

AWE has dedicated segment managers that have the technical expertise to provide your business with specialist advice to manage your all kind of wastes.

Involving everyone and complying with laws as a minimum

Customers, suppliers and other partners are interested in this endeavor, along with our workers. We comply with rules, legislation, laws and other requirements. We want to go beyond what the law wants from us.

How do you work to contribute to a greener future?

We’re committed to supporting a sustainable development. Naturally we encourage our customers to do the same! How do you work to contribute to a greener future? Let us know! Please leave a review for our work on our website!

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