Start a new year by understanding your responsibility towards environment

Dedicate your part in building a sustainable future for our planet and global economy by opting Eco-friendly New Year Resolution.

Reduce the Use of Plastic

Producing single-use plastics requires massive amounts of fossil fuels, which pollute the atmosphere and fuel climate change. Unless we take major steps to reduce plastic pollution, the planet will be filled with plastic. The fight against plastic waste starts with individual action.

  • Carry Reusable Shopping Bags made of cloth
  • Avoid Bottled Water
  • Use bamboo straws instead of Plastic Straws
  • Drink Your Coffee or other drinks from a Reusable Cup
There is an Issue with Tissue

Toilet paper is releasing carbon with every flush. The production process includes Clear cutting that decimates the ecosystem as high-polluting mills pulp the trees. Disposal and decomposition emit additional carbon.

  • Avoid the use of toilet papers.
  • Replace Kitchen Rolls and paper napkins with Cloth Napkins
Plant More Trees

We need to protect, conserve, and manage natural resources.  They help keep our climate stable, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, and they regulate our water supply and improve its quality.

  • Avoid the use of paper and tissues made from trees.
  • Reduce deforestation.
Conserve Water and energy

The practice of using water and energy efficiently and to reduce unnecessary usage can be adopted very easily.

  • Turn off the taps when water is not in use.
  • Limit the water supply.
  • Conserve Energy by disconnecting the appliances when you do not need them.
  • Use carpooling in order to reduce air pollution from excessive car smoke.
Buy less and reduce food waste
  • Avoid excessive buying and serving by utilizing only that is needed to reduce the waste
  • Share extra food and reuse leftovers

Unless we take major steps to reduce the waste and utilizing the resources wisely, the pollution will damage the earth surface resulting in huge climate change. Dedicate your part to build a sustainable future for our planet and global economy by opting Eco-Friendly New Year Resolution.

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